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Way much better is an adjective a person may use to describe something as superior. It may also be used to close off a debate with someone suggesting an alternative. Even though there is no factual reason explaing why something is way much better, its undersood by those discussing that by saying way much better there is no need to exlpain why or how or details.
Nah, that's okay, the carwash I go to is way much better.
by frankie5X November 28, 2010

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Rebel Crew is an association of individuals who have United to participate and experience Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun. The Original Rebel Crew was established in 1986 in the Southern "Space City" Houston, Texas.

Listening, Mixxing, Producing and Recording Music is the driving and uniting motivation that propells the positive vibrations throughout the scene and through out time.

A Rebel is an "Odd Ball" someone who doesn't talk about "it" but is about "it". When a rebel speaks, others listen because the crew respects eachothers opinions and feelings.The Rebel Crew is Non Violent. The Rebel Crew contributes to society by healing one individual at a time with art and music. possesses staying power and individuality.
"I was thinking about getting a group of neighbors and family friends to join together to volunteer. The park needs to be cleaned bad!"
"That reminds me of back in the days when Rebel Crew had that club. We had to clean up tha club, then clean up the messes we made we were supposesd to be cleaning!"
by frankie5x April 17, 2011

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Cock blockin has many definitions.

1.The most commonly used definition for cock blockin is basically the term for an act that someone does on purpose that sabotages a males attempts to have sexual relations with a prospective female. This is usually done by someone close to you and knows how to manuever such acts without appearing to have those intentions. This term can be stated by either a male or female.

2. The lesser known definition for the term cock blockin is when an amatuer dj is learning and needs to practice on other peoples equipment until they can afford to get their own, when a very experienced dj or someone who is just a control freak prevents the amatuer from being able to practice, therfore blockin the progress that could have been attained through practicing.

3. Cock blockin is also a way of describing a female who attempts to demonstrate an appearance of dominance through body language, verbal insinuations, and also chooses to ignore the other women she feels intimidated by, which prevents any form of friendship. A woman who cock blocks usually has had many unsatisfying sexual relationships and is jealous of a woman who has experienced love. She will intentionally compete for that males attention fully aware that he is attached, only as an attempt to capture the other females essence of love. This type of cock blockin is common with prostitues and strippers.
Seriously, that's cock blockin for real!!!!
by frankie5x April 17, 2011

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tucksed in is a noun and explains the action of placing your chain inside of your shirt so that it may not be seen by others. Can also be spelled tuxed in.
When Robert comes Im going to have to tucksed in my piece and chain.
by frankie5X November 29, 2010

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Just Google Me Bitches
"hey girl lets hang out later"
by frankie5x April 17, 2011

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Trillstep is the combination of the two words trill and step. Trill means truly real in the Southern region of the U.S. Step refers to dancing. Also it can be used as a reference to a new style of sound that blends southern rap music with the subversive underground sound of dubstep music.
"When I go to the club, I trillstep."
by frankie5X November 28, 2010

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A nigga baby is a dark complected beautiful child that wears a pamper and no shoes. He or She will probably have a cajun uncle or some kind of racist relative that gave them that nickname. A niggababy is not a racist term even though a racist may have created the term. The term nigga has evolved and now is a term or expression of endearment. A niggababy does not hav to be black or dark but should at least be brown either on the outside or on the inside.
"Say, where is that little kitty? I can hear her crying."
"oh, the last time I see the kitty was when Niggababy was pushing it in a stroller in the kitchen."
"oh, ok then, the kitty's fine....NIGGABABY!!! you better be nice to that baby kitty!!"
by frankie5x April 17, 2011

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