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The act of 'faceconcreting' is much similar to the common 'facepalm', but escalated to a ridiculous level; when a facepalm simply isn't enough, one might faceconcrete suicidally in discrace or disgust at someone's incredibly stupid words or actions. This usually involves simply holding your body rigid and falling forward on your face whilst paralyzed with amazement at someone's lack of intelligence, although could possibly involve a more intense faceconcrete, as described in the example.
Rich corporate boss: The time has come for my place to be taken in this company. Last week I told you two that one of you would be taking my position soon.
Economic genius #1: Yes.
Economic genius #2: Yes, you did.
Rich corporate boss: Well, I've changed my mind. The position will go to Chuck the trolley boy instead.
Chuck: uh-huuuh! *foams at mouth* yarrrp!

*economic geniuses, boss's PA, secretaries and coffee woman all faceconcrete from 60th storey window.*
by fluorescent September 02, 2009
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