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The presence of mind when you know you're a bad bitch and you got it. It's not just a personality trait, it's a lifestyle. It is the feeling you get when you can walk into a room and be the hottest motherfucker in there with the confidence of a good-looking rich white boy. Anyone can have it but it is incomparable to BDE simply because this level of energy is on some higher plane.
Woah Alexa Demie has some MAD Voluptuous Vulva Energy.
by fjabz April 16, 2021
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Abbreviation of Deep-Rooted-Issues. This refers to past emotional trauma and hardships that have been buried or ignored. When left untreated, these issues can often dictate behaviour and day-to-day interactions, specifically in friendships and relationships.
Yo the only reason Tyler is such a dog is because he's got mad DRI. I think it's because his dad left him when he was 3 years old.
by fjabz December 23, 2019
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