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when a guy sticks his hairy balls into a girls mouth or guys mouth
jon: i t baged some guy last night it was awesome
mike: wow ur a gay man
by fil April 05, 2005

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filippo means drugs like crack, cocain, lsd ect.........
josh:dude u wanna got do some filippos
by fil April 04, 2005

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a creepy old guy that stalks hot teens
why is this old creepy guy always folowing me that damn mofo
by fil April 03, 2005

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dumb ass that modifies his nissan skyline, to make it go slower than standard.
What the fuck did you do that for Strich9ine? The slug goes slower than it did before!
by FIL March 05, 2003

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sex position where the woman lies on her neck with her legs spread and the guy stands over her and dips his cock in that pussy
none that I can think of, peter north does it in a movie though
by Fil December 18, 2004

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An expression, or word to describe something as stupid, or incredibly crap!
Dave is a Poonah!
Or after looking at something that is dislikeable "Poonah" is used!
by Fil November 28, 2003

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your mom
fil: "what's a disterderk?"
Jessica: "your mom"
by fil March 17, 2004

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