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it means nothing in most languages derived from latin
a: what's new?
b: nada...
by Fernando January 27, 2004
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anything or anyone that is white on the inside but brown on the outside
chicanos and other decendents of brown spanish speaking people that can't or won't speak spanish, act white, and are ashamed of their heritage
Christina Aguilera is the quintessential coconut
by Fernando November 14, 2005
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A chunky, creamy discharge from a vaginal yeast infection. Very stinky and horrible tasting.
I went down on this bitch and she had all this fucking beaver cheese, so I got the hell outta there!
by Fernando January 17, 2004
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In an MMORPG, the act of stealing treasure chests or other valuables by waiting for another player to engage any nearby aggro mobs and then ganking it.
"Dammit! That fucktard ganked my chest! I hate fucking ninja looters!"
by Fernando February 26, 2005
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To receive oral sex (head) without the slightest intention of returning the favor (sixty nine) even though you may or may not have promised to do so
girl: "how about a sixty-nine?"
guy: "how about a sixty-eight?"
girl: "What's a sixty-eight?"
guy: "blow me and I'll owe you one"
by Fernando November 04, 2005
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a synonym for vagina.
"Girl, Let me clean out your safety deposit box."
by Fernando September 16, 2004
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it is a closed figure with regular sides (same length)
a square is a polygon
by Fernando January 27, 2004
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