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the occasional viloence that brakes out in the middle of a mosh pit for no apparent reason. they are impersonal and it Just involves taking shots at anyone in the line of vision. enemies are rarely made.
Rocker 1: that mosh fight was great, got so beat up, man it was fun
by fencingdude September 12, 2006
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A group of christian teenager who try and convert people at their high school. They belive that gods way is the only way. They dont have sex till marrage and try to pervent others doing so, they wave bibles around and wave them in your face, think that they are above everyone else they suffer from the god complex
The god squad at our school told us that they could lead us to god instead we showed them hell with the heels of our boots
by fencingdude September 27, 2006
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A game created by the band guns n roses. it involves getting really drunk then taking turns throwing ones self down a stair case.
this game is played by true guns n roses fans
Warning: the morning after is not pleasant
Rocker: lets get wasted and do a bit of stair diving
by fencingdude September 12, 2006
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A Emo who is also Christain. They have the same down depressed attitude about life except instead of cutting themselves and crying about they go to church for huge periods of time asking forgiveness for their imaganary sins
Emo: everyone hates me I feel so lost no one understands me.

Cremo: I know how you feel But god still loves you. Why dont you come to church tonight instead of cutting yourself. Then you can ask God for forgiveness.
by fencingdude August 19, 2006
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Rappers and gansters have shoes skate shoes just to look cool
Doc Martins were designed to kick the fuck out of people who wear skate shoes
No one not even a black dude wants to mess with a Punk wearing a pair of steel capped doc martins
by fencingdude September 20, 2006
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