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Someone that is attending, or is an alumnus of the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. The term can be used to describe both undergrads and MBA students and alumni.
That's a power couple if I ever saw one. She made partner at a top consulting firm in 5 years flat, and he runs the biggest hedge fund in the business. It's not surprising to learn that they're both Whartonites.
by koolducati February 03, 2007
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a TOOL at the Wharton School of Business (UPENN) that sucks up to professors emailing them about curves, means and medians on exams, etc. Likes to hump chia pets (organic chinchillas)and perform stock analyses on weekends.
John is such a Whartonite, he goes to EVERY office hour Mr. Hopkins holds
by Eugene April 11, 2005
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