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A guy who can generally be quite big or muscly and is not very intelligent. A person that says stupid things, and think they are saying something that is sensible. They makes comments without thinking about them first. However this term is not rude but be used about your friends in a jokey light manner.
Jo he is such a meathead. Inmaths he did the stupidest thing...

You are such a meathead,lol
by et May 22, 2005
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A person of color from Cape area in South Africa. Not white and not black. Brown skin color. Loves snoek/rugby and cheap wine.
The hotnot got drunk again on Oom Tas and beat up his wife
by et September 08, 2003
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science fiction cult tv show with cool vehicles and sound effects (especially the ufos themselves)
by et October 30, 2003
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