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fondling, stroking or caressing gently of one's partner prior to the intercourse
Mmm, all this petting is making me horny.
by envi123 December 11, 2004

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Intoxicated beyond belief, to a point of not remembering own actions or events.
I can't believe how blitzed out I was last night.
by envi123 August 08, 2005

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a verb, originates from a popular HBO series Entourage sheepish but able and dedicated character Lloyd, a loyal employee of a cut-throat boss Ari Gold. To conform to every capricious whim of a boss or a superior without protesting, in hopes of getting on that superior’s good side.
This was not in my job description! I had to file papers, and make coffee runs for my boss. I was being lloyded all day.
by envi123 April 18, 2007

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