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A Format Fuhrer is akin to a Grammar Nazi.

On posters (motivational or otherwise), having the correct format is essential (picture surrounded by a box, with the Caption and Subcaption below).
Format Fuhrer enforces the law of correct format, and usually has a few words to say.
*sees picture without a box around the picture*

Format Fuhrer: Format fail, GTFO!

Creator: WTF it's fine!

Admin: He said GTFO, bitch!
by Enraltay April 22, 2010
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Psychodramatic is the step above Drama Whore. A psychodramatic does nothing but cause drama, from either their own experiences or from rumors and whatnot.

These people are the ones dominating a conversation in a circle of friends, and often make accusations based on the barest of rumors.
"Did you hear Hannah the other day? She told the principle I'm on drugs! I only take painkillers man!"

"She's such a fucking psychodramatic!"

"And never shuts up either!"

"That too."
by enraltay January 29, 2010
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Combination of the words emo and poetry and used in online slang talk where saying "emo poetry" is too much of a mouthful.
"Dude, you write depressing emoetry!"

"That's some fucking dark emoetry you made!"
by Enraltay November 09, 2009
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- One who incessantly flaunts their "superior" religious intellect.

- Clings to the belief that religion isn't supposed to be mocked.

- Sworn enemy of the Grammar Nazi.
"I was making a Catholic joke the other day when some idiot told me that I was disrespectful!"

"What a fucking Theolojew!"
by enraltay January 10, 2010
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Instadramatic is a state of mind where the unfortunate wielder of this horrible psychotic disease is a total drama whore and possibly a psychodramatic. You will know these type of people at a glance, as they are always the first person at a scene freaking out, and will INSTANTLY go nuts over any rumors or new gossip.

Instadramatics should be put down on the spot.

"Calm down girl, don't be so Instadramatic!"


"OMG shut up!
by enraltay August 19, 2010
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