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neiru is the second main female introduced in wonder egg priority, she appeared as cold and didn’t talk much when ai first met her, she is the serious friend, she came off as passive aggressive but this wasn’t her true self, she is actually casual and protective over her friends, she previously had a sister, she’s trying to resurrect her because she’s confused on why her sister did what she did, she is apart of Japan Plati, a fictional company that is quite far ahead in the future, she has a friend she met in the dream world named Kotobuki, she has her laying in a vegetative state on life support, in one of the episodes she was shown deciding whether to give up on kotobuki or to keep her alive, her friends momoe and rika were angry at her for this, Neiru is believed to be an AI made by Japan Plati, it is unknown whether it’s true or not but fan theories are very good.
someone: neiru aonuma is a very interesting character so far
another fan: I agree, I hope we can hear more of her
a show/anime centred around 4 girls who are all 14-15 years of age, they all have their own issues like a lot of kids at that age, the girls all have a few things in common, their age and what they do, which made them form a bond, this show is mostly about suicide and more serious issues like that, it’s quite dark and is probably for older audiences, it is set in Japan.

It starts off after the suicide of Koito Nagase, Ai Ohto - the main character’s only friend, she comes into contact with a bug looking creature, She purchases an egg but not a normal egg in which she sees in her dream, in her dream the bug looking creature comes back and tells her to break the egg, she walks around in a school setting place where she sees unsettling middle school/ high school aged girls with disturbing faces, she hides in a bathroom stall and after being fed up with the bug telling her to break the egg over and over again she eventually breaks it on the wall, she then meets Kurumi a victim of quite extreme bullying, Kurumi is irritated by the place the egg is broken in, Ai responds back moody but apologising, Kurumi appears to know exactly what’s going on and she tells Ai about it, Ai is tasked with saving more people like Kurumi from monsters that symbolise the trauma these people went through before they died, In this world Ai learns about struggles all of these people went through and helps her learn more about her own world and herself.
Someone: Have you heart about the new anime coming in 2021???

Another person: yeah do you mean wonder egg priority ?

Someone: mhm it’s my favourite show I love how they portray some things it’s so interesting and deep.
momoe sawaki, the 4th main female introduced in the anime/show wonder egg priority, she is supposedly a masculine female, she is heavily trans coded and fans believe she is transgender, there is many evidence pointing to this, she is perceived as a nice, protective friend who is very caring and willing to listen, she is the niece of one of the characters specifically sawaki (the teacher), she dislikes being perceived as male or masculine.
a fan: hmm I think i kin momoe sawaki

another fan: oh you do? awesome I love momoe kinnies
a derogatory term used to describe the god forsaken fandom of bungo stray dogs right here ON TIKTOK now
Person 1: Ugh I’m so sick of those bungo stray dogs tik tokers! always destroying my farm

Person 2 (a secret bungo stray dogs tik toker retired): m-m-s-senapi I need to tell you somethingz...
a popular theorist with 21.6K followers on the app called “tic tac” it is rumoured that their theories are quite dark and sad, they are said to kin Dazai Osamu from bungo stray dogs but have denied all claims of such.
Person: I’m crying over nqkajimas recent post on tik tok

Person’s Mother: this is why you’re adopted....
rika is the 3rd main female introduced in wonder egg priority, she is very excitable and humorous, she is perceived as a hateful and selfish girl at first, but it was found to be because she was pampered a lot but never cared for at a younger age, she was a former pop idol, she is trying to bring her admirer/friend chiemi back from purgatory, she sadly struggles with self harm and a neglectful mother, she is the shortest in her friend group and is probably the less serious one.
A fan: I love rika so much!!
Another fan: yeah rika kawai is one of the popular characters
the first character introduced in the show/anime wonder egg priority, she is supposedly the main protagonist and heroine of the story, she is longing to bring her deceased bestfriend koito back to life.
fan 1: I love ai ohto so much! she’s so strong
fan 2: ooh me too I also loveee Rika