5 definitions by end me pls69

1. To agree
2. You get what you deserve.
3. Don't know.
"I think bridges are scary."
by end me pls69 February 21, 2021
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some dude in the Airtime Thrills discord who's really fucking cool
"My friend is obsessed with the rarded king in a stupid discord server. should've never given him the za."
by end me pls69 March 11, 2023
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When you ask someone to play Rush and they play Tom Sawyer
"Man, I asked my gym teacher to play Rush and he played Tom Sawyer. He really Tom Sawyered me"
by end me pls69 December 1, 2022
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"Michael is such a thoosie. I went on date with him to Six Flags, and all he did the entire time was bitch about Intamin this, S&S that, B&M this. I cheated on his obese ass.
by end me pls69 March 6, 2023
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the coolest amusement park to ever exist. RIP.
"I went to Boomers! Medford the other day"
"my guy its been closed for 3 years"
by end me pls69 February 24, 2023
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