16 definition by emu

music with no rules
at the punk rock show the singer stuck the microphone up his ass then took a shit onstage and got down and licked it then threw it at the audience.also someone jumped off the balcony but nobody went to see if he was o.k.
by emu March 05, 2003

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I think I'm gonna be sick laughing!
haha a fat guy making an ugly face. itiagbsl.
by emu March 14, 2005

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A combination of slack and lazy. A combination that produces a word that is one full magnitude greater in meaning than its constituents.
I'm too slazy to get out of my chair and pee so I will use this bottle from the conveniently located trash pile.
by Emu November 27, 2006

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the way in which one walks with straight legs when under the influence of alcohol and XTC, usually at a rave or festival
i think jimmy flipped out, he's doin' the emu... somebody get him a lolly-pop
by emu March 20, 2005

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The mole previously described as the unfortunate carrier of the repulsive growth better known as Jim.
You have to pay extra for it... unfortunately.

Batteries not included; order within the next 5 days and receive free exclusive Horace Hairs. ORDER YOURS NOW!
"Can I have a HORACE please?"
"Yes... Yes you can."
"Do I have to pay extra?"
"No... No you don't."
by Emu April 13, 2005

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1. a word you use to shut someone down when they're talking a lot and annoying you, and you dont want to dignify them with a response.

2. a word used to describe a feeling of misery, boredom, or otherwise blah-ness.
1) person 1. "like omg I was walking yesterday and like I stepped in some gum and like I was really pissed off and then I decided to play in traffic and then and then and then like omg isn't that just like amazing?"
person 2. "Dwa."

2) person 1. "how are you today?"
person 2. "...dwa...."
by Emu November 15, 2004

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A mythical ancient Greece creature, with the head of a goose and the legs of a chicken
That frink has his hand in a cow's bottom.
by Emu April 07, 2004

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