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A disease. It can't be "snapped out of". People don't realise that you don't have to be a living skeleton to be anorexic, you just have to be obsessed with losing weight.
Anorexia is pure hell, and no-one choses to inflict it upon themselves.
by emily laura June 09, 2005

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A brand advertising dyslexic sex
FCUK is for the intelectually and morally challenged
by emily laura August 12, 2005

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A kick-ass movie!! A romantic comedy...with zombies!!
Shaun: "Ed doesn't have too many friends..."
Ed: "Can I buy any of you cunts of drink?"
by emily laura May 07, 2005

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my outlook on life

and now im typing random stuff to make up the 20 letters needed...never mind, shit happens
shit happens, usually to me, so you'll be alright
by emily laura June 10, 2005

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The best song in the world. By Queen, who are the best band in history.
'...I feel alive...and the world is turning inside out, I'm floating around in ectasy, so don't stop me now...'
by emily laura August 23, 2005

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a kick ass band, not yet ruined by MTV
"the middle" says it all, really!!!!!
by emily laura June 19, 2005

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