13 definition by el revez

(i) baseball cap; sovereign ring; prison-white clothing; antisocial, ultraviolent behaviour; costume bling-bling; interbred relationships; in fact, anything to do with a chav's sad little life

(ii) chav's pronunciation of the English noun "travesty" (rarely attempted)
it's a complete chavesty
by el revez May 10, 2004

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what a woman experiences when she becomes sexually aroused. See also apply lip gloss
I gave myself a fat lip
by el revez May 12, 2004

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(n.) related to breakfarce
You would not believe the mourning I've had!
by el revez May 13, 2004

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(v.) just one step away from "incest" on a pc keyboard. Not to be confused.
Family ties within corporations can seriously affect opportunities to invest.
by el revez May 13, 2004

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c*nt (cockney rhyming slang: "treasure hunt"), specifically person who acts like a c*nt, a badly-behaved child, etc.
Mum: Hope Johnny wasn't too much of a handful while we were out.

Babysitter: Oh, he was a real treasure.
by el revez May 11, 2004

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What a Brummie sits on in his living room while he's watching tv
Ah fucken loov me big comfy surfer, me.
by el revez June 22, 2004

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