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Very, very strong rough cider, sometimes as much as 10% alcohol by volume - 8% is not uncommon. Can range in taste from innocuously fruity and bland to eye-wateringly sharp.
"What do you want ?"

"I'll have a pint of Bideford Brainblaster".

"Are you mad ? That stuff's suicider !"
by eighth of seven October 14, 2008
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An insult to someone's intelligence or ability, or describing an individual who is struggling to keep up with the rest of the pack
. A 'cold shot' refers to a steam-catapult launch from an aircraft carrier when the steam pressure is too low for the launch weight of the aircraft; on reaching the end of the deck, the aircraft is going too slowly for safe flight and may drop dramatically, or even (in extreme cases) ditch. If ditching is avoided, there follows an agonisingly slow climb away with the handle jammed forward and all the gauges pegged in a desperate attempt to gain height and speed.
"So what's the new guy like, any good ?"
"Man, he's flying off a cold shot."

"How's the training going ?"
"I feel like I'm flying off a cold shot"
by eighth of seven January 7, 2007
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Abbreviation for "Beyond Economic Repair". Generally used to describe damage, usually crash damage to a vehicle (especially an airframe) which is so badly mangled that to fix it would cost more than replacement; the best option is to salvage any reuseable parts and junk the rest.
"How's your bike ?"
"Shit, both wheels buckled and the frame bent. It's B.E.R., I'm going to get a new one on the insurance."
by eighth of seven October 23, 2007
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In the original Star Trek series, whenever the main engines (warp drive) broke down (which was pretty frequent) the Enterprise would only be able to move using "impulse engines" - a low power, sub-lightspeed manouvering system based on a small fusion ram/ion drive.

By inference, someone described as "running on impilse engines" or "impulse power only" is either:

1. Very tired (a.k.a. 'running on empty')

2. Genuinely ill

3. (derog.) Slow and/or stupid.
"Jesus, I've just had to brief the sales guys on the new product.... they're all running on impulse engies up there".

"You want to go for a beer ?"

"No, man, I'm running on impulse engines... got to go home and grab some sleep."
by eighth of seven May 9, 2007
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1. The instructions, user or technical manual for a piece of equipment.

2. By inference, any important piece of documentation, either as treeware or in electronic form.

"Where's the Book of Words for the router ?"

"I've logged the fault in the Book of Words."
by eighth of seven January 14, 2007
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When something is so badly damaged that the only option is to get a new one; it might be a critical component, or the whole thing.
"Can you fix it ?"

"No. Your hard drive is screwed. Total replacement therapy is indicated."

"Bugger !"
by eighth of seven February 6, 2010
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To push an aircraft's engines to emergency full power. May cause permanent engine damage if prolonged beyond a few minutes.

Used to denote someone who is going all-out.

"You busy ?"
"Yup, got the handle jammed forward"
by eighth of seven January 7, 2007
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