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One of those unfortunate 'fringe' words that has entered into the language - not popular enough for you to know what it means and not obscure enough for you never to have come in contact with it.

The type of word that thrives in the midst of ego inflating chain mail dreck destined to be circulated by the staff at universities everywhere. It will be sandwiched between two other equally esoteric words with equally redundant applications.

Used by supposedly tech savvy English Lecturers who believe that their ability to use such terms is inextricably linked with their (immense) technological skill.

These are the same Lecturers who spontaneously orgasm over the correct usage of a word like "poleaxed" or wear Atari T-shirts to conventions just for the recognition.

You type "treeware" instead of "hardcopy" when you're writing a cleverly worded course outline with your left hand whilst your right hand is busily engaging in ritual self satisfaction.


Mr (X) thought using the word treeware in his course outline would gain him some kudos amongst the class. Ironically the class had had so little exposure to the word that they all ended up on urban dictionary reading this definition instead.
by dtrax May 18, 2005
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Documents made of paper, like an anablog, in contrast to electronic documents.
Print out the treeware and we can send it via snail mail.
by Blue Cawdrey November 18, 2004
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