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A large penis.

The term comes from a Lenny Bruce routine about African-American men ("Their wangs look like a baby's arm with an apple in its fist" as immortalized in his book _How to Talk Dirty and Influence People_), but this exact wording is taken from The Tubes' song "What Do You Want From Life", from their first album.

Since not everyone gets the reference, the term typically is used as an in-joke.
What Carrie really wants is a baby's arm holding an apple.
by edgarde September 24, 2006

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"Spiritual" description for a recovering alcoholic, or an american Southerner.
Highest on the local GOP's agenda was replacing the local liberal-homo-muslim-socialist-friendly school board with born again members.

The Right-To-Life spokewoman, now born again, denounced the clinic staff who performed her abortion in her second year of college.
by edgarde April 11, 2011

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