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People especially sensitive about their vanity and popularity, commonly Apple product and Starbucks worshippers because they think that just because something is expensive it is cool. Not all Caucasian females are "white girls", and "white girls" do not consist entirely of Caucasian females. Any gender or ethnic background can be a white girl because the definition is primarily based off of personality.
Stefani: Omg look at eric
Bree: why is he crying?
Stefani: His dad didn't get him a gold iPhone 6, it was silver, so he threw coffe at him. Such a white girl.
Bree: true dat
Eric: waaaahhhhhh i drowned my beautiful iphone in a Venti espresso waaaaaahhhhhhh
Stefani: late for class bye
Bree: peace
by ecepic June 10, 2015
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When there is a mini scroll bar on a website that you are trying to scroll down but you get caught in the mini scroll
I was trying to read the comments on my YouTube vid but i got stuck in a double scroll for the recommended videos
by ecepic June 03, 2015
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