4 definitions by dustin fields

Similar to a fruitbat, a fruitfuck is a guy who is known to be homosexual to the point of having gay sex. It's actually short for 'fruity fuckstick,' which describes a condition under which the penis only gets hard when it's involving fruityness.
That guy is such a fruitfuck.
by dustin fields October 4, 2006
Having a person of European residence, namely English or French, gives an unnecessary attitude to an American person. Mainly this is because of a deeper seated issue, and has nothing to do with the subject in question or issue at hand.
Today, on an Internet chat forum, a British user was intentionally flaming an American over a seemingly inconsequential topic. Surely it wasn't because of the topic but just because he felt like giving him a Eurotude.
by dustin fields December 17, 2007
Wipe and type is when you're typing on the laptop, then you wipe your hind quarters and continue typing. This is a very frowned upon practice, as it spreads bacteria and foul odors.
It's OK to bring the laptop in the bathroom and surf the web while you take a dump... Just don't do a wipe and type!
by dustin fields December 7, 2006
An inferior laptop that is in poor physical condition which never seems to die, despite its unattractive appearance. This could also be a laptop that stays under the bathroom sink until you need to pass some time while pooping.
I own this laptop which is a Pentium 4 2.4gHz, but the hard drive is really slow, the video is shared ram, it doesn't have USB 2.0, and no PCMCIA slot, plus the battery is dead, all the paint has worn off where you rest your hands on the keyboard, and the screen was wobbly and sometimes would flicker. Likewise, I had a lightweight Sony craptop that had screen issues, but it was great for bringing to the can!
by dustin fields December 7, 2006