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Lisgar is the school where all the entitled kids go to. You'll mostly see white people and asians, since brown kids don't really care about school. Everywhere you go, theres hoes with lulu lemons talking about lettuce. The guys are f boys and need to learn how to use a belt. No one likes sagging pants anymore, so take the hint you man-whores. But none of that compares to the worst thing about the school: the stairs. Theres always a couple grade nines that have to take a break on their way to the science room. Everybody here hates All Star, which is unfortunate cause its an epic song. Other popular songs here are Friday and Call me Maybe.
by WhoReadsShakespeareAnymore October 09, 2017
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Lisgar is what you call a cheap school...everything is either stolen from other schools (books) or just old...computers are pentium 1 (P1), windows 98 and really gay...
omg sooo gay.....sounds gay too....and lisgar lions???? like wtf....lisgar pigs seems to be better.....
by dude... April 07, 2005
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