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A zip job. The abbreviation is made famous by Broken Lizard's "Beerfest." A zip job is essentially the act of getting a handjob while high.
Barry: "A zj will cost ya $8"
by Ducksoup August 26, 2006

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Modern definition: Bling worn around the neck, often made of gold, silver, or platinum. Featured in a Jibbs song.

Traditional definition: Metal links that are locked together to make a strong and flexible line. Chains are typically used for anchors and other places where high loads may be exerted on the line, particularly in large vessels.
"Do your chain hang low
do it wobble to da flo
do it shine in n the light
is it platinum is it gold
could u throw it over ya shoulda
if ya hot it make ya cold
do your chain hang low"
by Ducksoup October 01, 2006

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Modern Definition: The title of a popular Tabi Bonney song. To get "put in the pocket" is slang for having a good thing happen to you.

Traditional Definition: A shaped piece of fabric attached inside or outside a garment and forming a pouch used esp. for carrying small articles.
1. Put me in the pocket, pocket, Put me in the pocket, pocket, put me in the pocket.

2. I keep my keys in my right pocket.
by ducksoup October 17, 2006

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A sexual move in which you screw not just one person but a bunch of people you don't even know.
"I totally pulled a George Bush at this frat party last night"
by Ducksoup June 24, 2007

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