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When something is so amazing that it is beyond Legendary.

A mixture of Legendary and the incredibly cool Legend Of Zelda series.
Jac: Dudes! There is going to be an inbetweeners movie!
Jay: That's Legendary!
Drew: OMFG it's better than that it's LegendofZeldary!!!!
by Drewziph February 14, 2011

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a word used to describe an excellent young poker talent.

it can also be used to describe a brilliant poker play that outwits the opposition.

Watch out fot that kid over there, he is a right DrewZiph!

Wow! He played that like a true DrewZiph!
by drewziph January 14, 2008

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A shield that a man keeps up, refusing to talk about his feelings in fear of being called a gay.
I wish Adam Thomas would drop his man shield so we could talk about how we really feel <3
by Drewziph December 10, 2010

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another name for a donk whilst playing poker
"all in with 4 6? You are suck a bourke"
by drewziph January 15, 2008

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