The opposite of a lightweight; someone who is capable of drinking and smoking large amounts for a long period of time. i.e. the man, a god, etc.
Man, keep that up and you'll be a bourke.
I could never keep up with him, he's a bourke.
by sdf66 January 10, 2008
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A fat man who cannot run further than 10 metres without crying, who eats 15 x 21 profiteroles each day, who sweats out of his own anus then uses the liquid in his tea, who sometimes likes to feed on his own nipples secretion and when the weather gets really hot goes to waterpark and kids use him as a ride.
Guy:What the fuck is that lump of shit doing on my lawn?
Bourke:sorry mate, just went for a roll and couldnt be fucked to go any further.
Guy:oh sorry man didnt know that was you
by hairymaneatingchips November 14, 2011
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another name for a donk whilst playing poker
"all in with 4 6? You are suck a bourke"
by drewziph January 15, 2008
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A Sydney based term essentially meaning gronk. Same meaning as burke however the spelling occasionally varies.
Fuck that guy is a bourke
by James Mochutny October 21, 2006
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A man who is made of pure solid nail power. Can be used as a noun and as a verb rather strangely. His awesome moves are blindingly quick. No man stands a chance against a nail.
Guy 1: Do you know Dan Bourke?
Guy 2: He's the man who is made of pure plutonium solidness, isn't he?
Guy 1: Some say he's a close descendant of Chuck Norris...
Guy 2: Damn right...
by PlatinumP February 22, 2011
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Bourke is often mistaken as one of those small country towns filled with friendly people, however if you spend long enough there you would discover the "Real Outback". I am a widowed wife who lives on the outskirts of Bourke, and I have witnessed and encountered highlights such as the night club, racking from the local supermarket, the vegimite circle and last but not least the bowling club owned by yours truly Weefa and Jefferey.
Carl: Hey man wanna go to Bourke?
Widowed Wife: Don't do it, you're making a huge mistake
by widow05 July 11, 2018
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big holes who think they are hard.
Lekeisha Orcher: i think im hard
Another bourke person: wanna fight then

Lekeisha: come at me
by uwemamajei June 27, 2018
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