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The worst idea this site has ever came up with. Some forbidden definitions are:
Salman Rushdie
Good Charlotte
anything with a website copied from the address bar

Although some forbidden definitions are arguable. And my second best definition is Salman Rushdie and it never came on. It's just lucky I don't delete my urbandictionary emails until they come on.
by dref said right July 03, 2004

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What uneducated people use. Why are they uneducated? bcuz they tipe lik this nsted of tiping normaly. see lazy freak if u wunt 2 no more about ppl hoo tipe lik this.
I'm educated, so I don't use AIM.
by dref said right June 14, 2004

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1. Something, usually using electricity, that shines upon you, like a light bulb: its color is sually yellow.
2. Opposite of dark
3. Intelligent; sharp.
1. The sun.
2. Hot pink is a bright color.
3. He is a bright student.
by dref said right June 12, 2004

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In acting: Kate Bosworth.

In music: Yellowcard.

Also see talented.
Talentless actors make you go blind and talentless musicians make you go deaf.
by dref said right June 09, 2004

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A retarded and pointless way of insulting someone. Cursing in arguments shows that either A) the person is weak, B) the argument is weak, or C) both. The answer is usually C. However, the ones who are offended by curses are just as weak and pitiful as the ones who curse in arguments. Cursing for an insult is just as pitiful, for it shows you don't have brains to come of with a good insult. However cursing is DEFINATELY not immature, nor is it bad. It's not like I'm afraid of a word I'll say it fuck fuck fuck fuck, however using it in regular life is just pointless.
I don't curse, not because I'm a chicken, but because it's pointless.
by dref said right June 02, 2004

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1. Having no money or having very little money; homeless
2. pitiful
3. weak
1. He was a very poor child.
2. Look at the poor little baby!
2. Poor excuse for music; poor insult.
by dref said right June 09, 2004

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