7 definitions by doggo of the parallel universe

An epic chad person who does the moms of kids on discord all night long
Ayo look at that guy, I heard he does the moms of many children.

yeah man, he's {modena} after all
by doggo of the parallel universe October 19, 2021
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A really handsome {hunk} who gets all the girls, loves both dogs and cats and should definitely become any server's admin.
Look at that dude, so Aakarshak!
by doggo of the parallel universe September 14, 2021
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Discorder Doggo-
1) A person who does all moms of children on discord.

2) The best male to be born on the planet {Earth}, is a complete Gigachad and should be an admin in all discord servers.

3) Male who points out Pedos in a discord server and distributes {Social Credit Points}.
1) Look at that guy, doing all moms, I bet he's a discorder modena

2) i.{Bro}, that guy's so nice and sexy
ii. Yea bro, he's discorder modena

3) Yoo, that guy just found the {pedos} of the server and gave them -10,000 Social Credit Points.
by doggo of the parallel universe October 18, 2021
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An epik chad guy who just did joe mama and is a smexy Indian gamer.
Look at him! such a doggo!
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A big pp man who is natural enemies with eva
Look at that dude, he could be the next {doggo of the parallel universe}!
Poggers, that man will be epik.
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An epic mon who makes fonni jokes and is an absolute chad.
Look at that man, what an absolute doggo (sanctuary).
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