A fat hairy faggot that will one day go bald
The man is simply a fruity person; one may even say he's a Modena.
by Covfefe#1 June 29, 2017
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Modena Park is a neighborhood located in Northeast Philadelphia. It boarders Morrel Park also known as MP2 or the ball sac of Modena, Parkwood Manor and Millbrook. Modena Park is known for being the host of great events such as The Beer Olympics. Beer is common in Modena the teenagers usually drink it at places like The Last Frontier, Riverfront, Loko Tree or Chris Magers house.

The kids of Modena go to schools like Archbishop Ryan, George Washigton, St. Martha's, and LaBrum. The hangouts are Picariello Playground, Liberty Bell,, The Thomson house, Jeff "knocka nigga out" Baranosky's and Academy Plaza.

Modena is known as one of the toughest neighborhoods around they fuck up any sweet bitch who think they can get big. A Classic example of this is when Connor McAneney beat up Tom Lueke after he claimed he'd squish him. Everyone in Modena goes to Wendys when there fucked up.
Modena Park Classic Beer Olympics Picariello
by vhdkcfk July 29, 2010
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She is a very nice and beautiful person, who laughs a lot.
She is a Juliet Modena
by singlovedance January 8, 2017
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Discorder Doggo-
1) A person who does all moms of children on discord.

2) The best male to be born on the planet {Earth}, is a complete Gigachad and should be an admin in all discord servers.

3) Male who points out Pedos in a discord server and distributes {Social Credit Points}.
1) Look at that guy, doing all moms, I bet he's a discorder modena

2) i.{Bro}, that guy's so nice and sexy
ii. Yea bro, he's discorder modena

3) Yoo, that guy just found the {pedos} of the server and gave them -10,000 Social Credit Points.
by doggo of the parallel universe October 18, 2021
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An epic chad person who does the moms of kids on discord all night long
Ayo look at that guy, I heard he does the moms of many children.

yeah man, he's {modena} after all
by doggo of the parallel universe October 19, 2021
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