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(acronym) pickup-driving redneck-ass piece of shit. Commonly found in Whatcom Skagit and Island counties.
lookit that pudrapos spitting chew out the window of his jacked-up 1971 ford f-250 what a douche.
by doctorjosh January 8, 2010
When your munching on some chips and you can't stop-for anything
My girl called and I answered but I was on a chip terror with some nacho cheese flavored doritos so I crunched and mumbled into the phone
by doctorjosh March 13, 2010
The time between the time you cut yourself with a sharp object and the time you start bleeding when you wonder whether or not you will.
Cutting yourself with a triple-blade safety razor has a prolonged blead time
by doctorjosh April 13, 2009
Killer whale that keeps on killing people. And seaworld keeps on getting paid to let him kill!
That Tilikum at seaworld - he's not just a killer whae he's a serial killer whale .
by doctorjosh February 26, 2010
Politically-correct dumbing down of the English language used to eliminate thoughts and ideas deemed offensive to identified subgroups ie. by gender/race/religion/country of origin. Derived from term originally used to refer to removal of offensive terms (e.g. "strumpet") from Shakespeare's plays by Thomas Bowdler.
Only neovictorian bowdlerization can explain the current anti-intellectual view that gender/race are fluid and that all things are like all other things.
by doctorjosh February 22, 2016
Place where people (mostly women) go to get waxing, chemical peels, laser hair removal, botox and filler injections, and other things all designed to make them look and feel more beautiful.
I just love going to American Laser Centers medspa to get my botox done, the doctor there is so hot!
by doctorjosh January 20, 2010
Using information technology as a terrorist weapon. E.g. releasing classified documents on the internet on Wikileaks.
Julian Assange is committing acts of infoterrorism. I bet the CIA or KGB makes him disapear soon.
by doctorjosh December 7, 2010