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This is the straw used to retrieve said semen from said anus. Please see felch to understand the act of felcing. Straws come in titanium or plastic.
I think I lost my felching straw in the couch. Can I borrow yours?
by dmp April 01, 2003

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Fake gold teeth that poor fake or faux wannabe gangsta rappers wear to look like rich wannabe gangsta rappers.
Fat Ed - yo dawg your gold teeth are peeling..

Skinny D - Word, I shouldn't have bought these damn faux fronts off that guy in the street.
by DMP June 10, 2005

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When someone throws up in their mouth, but swallows it before it flies out their mouth. Commonly brought on by indegestion.
I drank a pint of salsa and mini barfed before I had to accept my Nobel prize.
by DMP July 05, 2005

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To show both middle fingers simultaneously, essentially telling someone to fuck off twice.
Jim - Your two legged dog can only walk in circles, hahaha!

Ted - Well Jim, you insensitive nooshbag, I think I will justify that comment with a set of dually home growns! (Produce middle fingers)
by DMP June 10, 2005

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A word to describe something that no longer works or when something or someone is finished.
Jonny: Hey Joe, yer kar don't sound soo guud.

Joe: Yeee-ah, its pretty much poopered
by DMP July 05, 2005

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