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Biggest Order community which has caused the death of many hacking group members from groups such as LizardSquad, Ourmine, Anonymous.

One of the team members, Ovi was arrested later on for stabbing the founder and CEO of Discord, (formerly Hammer & Chisel) Jason Citron.

It was also found out that the famous rapper Chief Keef hired Ovi for many lynchings.
Order 332 is one of the biggest hacking communities.
by dirt 💖 February 20, 2022
A romantic relationship involving three people, in which two people are in a relationship with each other, and the third person is in love with both of them.
A: I found myself in a love parallelogram when I realized I love both Alice and Bob, like bro they are in love with each other...
B: God that's why I'm a relationship anarchist, this shit is too much for my brain.
by dirt 💖 December 28, 2022
Booru-like anime site named after the Japanese word with the same name which means "masturbation"
Straight Guy: Hey man are you on onani.xyz?
Homosexual Guy: Nah! onani.gay works better.
by dirt 💖 May 7, 2022
An alias for the infamous Discord senior developer called "Ian Mitchell"
He is known for his deploys that have caused Discord's prod deployment to crash multiple times, exactly at 05/25/2022 09:38:26 Mitchell committed and pushed untested code to Discord's GitHub repository which instantly started a chain reaction in Discord's infrastructure, this is why this deploy was called internally called GRINCH.
Engineer: Ian deployed again.
Executive: Oh for fuck's sake!
by dirt 💖 June 25, 2022