A large group of homosexual males that lives in their parents basement and think they are hackers because they can DDOS servers and copy/paste code.

These lonely homosexuals have started becoming noticed by the public after their "DDOS" attack on PSN and XBL; "they claimed"!

They also have some brain-damaged fans who encourage them to DDOS more servers and websites since they have nothing better to do in their lives.
An example of a nerdy quote from LizardSquad, "Microsoft props to you for giving us a challenge, good work. Sony, smh."
by Becausewhocares August 26, 2014
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A group of shitty hackers that still managed to do just enough to piss off more people in a month than the entirety of 4chan has since it's existence.
Lizardsquad aren't the best hackers, but they sure did piss off some over obsessive gamers.
by Do I Smell Burning? January 14, 2015
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