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1) Fattitude is a bitter state of personal denial against the fact that the human body is not meant to survive in unhealthy conditions.

2)Fattitude is a personality defense mechanism that is often manifested at a level that is below consciousness of the person that is exhibiting it. To the general observer it is easily seen as a cry for help except when the person with said fattitude is confronted. It is then rarely, consciously accepted as a tool that is used to manipulate other people.
it’s primordial it’s mass economics , its mostly other people and social norms and often enough it’s a lonely heart, don’t overthink it Mrs Marash has fattitude problems.
by digitaltrix February 23, 2022
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The involuntary facial reaction produced by payer of bill upon observation of bill at time of payment at a restaurant or bar.
This is discernible due to sudden albeit momentary change of facial reaction that is often masked by bill payer's efforts to divert attention by loud speech, reference to other events, reassurance that bill amount is far less than expected,etc.
This reaction may be excessive due to unexpected amount or ever so slight even if the said amount was presumed. This reaction is only involuntary and genuine on the face of actual payer at the time of bill payment and will occur with certainty upon bill payer's face 97% of the time regardless of financial status.
As Mark and his closest friends rounded off the evening laughingly, hardly anyone was the wiser as Mark suavely opened up the check folder and experienced momentary billface.

One of Mark's friends Dave did mention to another mutual friend Lisa:
"Hey great evening we should do this more often, next time it will be my treat (secretly thinking heck no) but I'm glad Mark is treating us today ..here comes the check..watch for it ..watch for it... BILLFACE!" as he & Lisa quietly snickered in the corner.

Mark quickly paid the bill and began to mention how he will have so many stories to tell his co-workers tomorrow (trying hard to disguise his bill-face effect).
by digitaltrix September 3, 2009
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A common noun, describing the action of looking up something on Google (or really any search engine), usually as an attempt to verify, answer, or help someone in one way or another.
I was talking to my friend on IM the other day and we both realized we don't know how the lineup works for ACL festival regarding single day passes. I deduced that contacting organizers would be the best bet but didn't know who they were when she asked me.

I said , "gimme a Google-second and I'll be right back with the answer!"

I will now use gsec instead (sounds cooler /shorter) and unfortunately see myself using this phrase a lot because apparently the Internet is still just YouTube and porn to many
by digitaltrix June 20, 2016
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A social phenomenon, individual or group nature performed for a photo by women to enhance cleavage not their ass as is commonly understood (check a photo for what this truly looks like).

The lens is most obviously facing the subject so it’s highly improbable that their waist and pelvic outlines (butt) can be so well discriminated.
Woman sorority squats. Male function of survival is predicated upon food, shelter, clothing.
by digitaltrix November 30, 2020
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