A common noun, describing the action of looking up something on Google (or really any search engine), usually as an attempt to verify, answer, or help someone in one way or another.
I was talking to my friend on IM the other day and we both realized we don't know how the lineup works for ACL festival regarding single day passes. I deduced that contacting organizers would be the best bet but didn't know who they were when she asked me.

I said , "gimme a Google-second and I'll be right back with the answer!"

I will now use gsec instead (sounds cooler /shorter) and unfortunately see myself using this phrase a lot because apparently the Internet is still just YouTube and porn to many
by digitaltrix June 20, 2016
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The time Google takes to find 3 million items or articles to make your point.
Vaccines cause autism and cancer, like five people said it.

Did take a Google second to prove that?
by Laverna's profit March 1, 2018
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