16 definitions by dickey6969

Like an ankle-breaker, but higher up the leg.
LeDarius: Did you see when that guy got crossed?
Jevarious: Yeah man, that was a real Knee-Snapper
by dickey6969 May 18, 2017
Someone who makes it to the big stage (i.e. president) but doesn't forget where he came from.
When talking about his past, Old Hick got kind of choked up and he left a trail of tears behind him.
by dickey6969 June 14, 2017
"Man, I just got a bucky last night and now my dickey hurts."
by dickey6969 March 7, 2017
A phrase commonly said by coil that is used when somebody is about to say something that needs to be said but that might upset another person.
"Not to rub salt in the wound but are you still gonna watch the super bowl?"
by dickey6969 February 13, 2017
Money wasted on something ridiculous, like wiping your butt.
Johnnie: I just bought some new Jake Paul merch! Now I can show everyone that I'm a big Jake Pauler!
Gary: That's another dollar up the ass.
by dickey6969 June 16, 2018
Extra credit points - Points for those who are too weak to earn points when tests/assignments are given to them the first time.
Person 1: "Yes! I got a 95 on my math test!"
Person 2: "Dude you got a 40 on the actual test, but the teacher gave you 55 pussy points because you went begging to him."
by dickey6969 May 22, 2017