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Just like the shocker. Just more of a trekie/theker shocker. Its the Romulan sign for live long and prosper and its sexual.

Two in the grass and sadly enough, same in the ass
Woo dude. Bobby just gave Megan a Romulan Shocker. It was f*cked up
by denver May 07, 2006

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A city in Colorado and also the capital.
Yo man did u here about that kid in Denver?

by Denver July 24, 2005

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Superficial substance. Trying to be the ultimate 'cool and original' person. Backwash individuals who lack complete personality, having the need to grasp onto vintage or unique items: clothing, accessories, music, etc. Having an unusual name can help.
"These totally unattractive sunglasses will surely be popular."
"How exciting, plaid is my favorite color."
"Balderdash, I've always wanted to be an orphan."
by Denver July 23, 2005

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