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A person who is a fan of more than one Star Trek series, who may not necessarily dress up as characters or believe that it is actually real. The steryotype of the dressing up nerds has been perpetuated by poor American cartoons and over fanatical freaks who sicken even us other Trekkies.
Yes i'm a Trekkie, but i'm not a retarded nerd as well
by The Insane One November 12, 2003
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1. A fan of the series or movies " Star Trek ". Most often times discribed as an obsessive nerd. We are not all that geeky.
2. One who enjoys hiking or traveling alot.
1. I'm a Trekie, not as rocket scientist.
2. Man that guy must one big Trekie, look at his passport.
by Tyrumble July 02, 2006
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