A person who is a fan of more than one Star Trek series, who may not necessarily dress up as characters or believe that it is actually real. The steryotype of the dressing up nerds has been perpetuated by poor American cartoons and over fanatical freaks who sicken even us other Trekkies.
Yes i'm a Trekkie, but i'm not a retarded nerd as well
by The Insane One November 12, 2003
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She may look hot on the outside... But bro she's a Treky for sure.
by iWidowMaker69 March 15, 2011
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The phrase a star wars fan yells if he's in sight of a star trek convention
Bob: Hey there's a convention center over there with William Shatner and a bunch of other star trek guys.

Phil: Oh god dude there's a bunch of Goddamn Trekies over there!
by Savior of evil March 7, 2010
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When someone is so into star-trek that they have surpassed the former saying of trekie.
Captin Grey had sex with three green aliens in the last few parsecs he sure is trekie core.
by Henrik Sedin April 12, 2005
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