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Vomit, or anything that looks or is related to vomit.
Eww, someone urched on the sidewalk.
by Daniel Bryant August 20, 2005
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To masturbate in an upward motion.
I went and jacked north the other night.
(Can also be used as a noun)
I visited Jack North if you know what i mean YKNOWWHADDIMSAYIN?
by daniel bryant November 03, 2005
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1. The paramount of happiness.
2. The pinnacle of delightation.
3. Unexplainable joy a person experiences.
Karkanakaros was ecstablissivated over the capture of his queen prisoner, Philia
by Daniel Bryant November 06, 2007
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1. A written or spoken composition in prose, typically with a particular theme or general moral quality.
2. Anything that resembles such a composition, in visual terms or otherwise, such as a large sculpture with a moral theme.
President Carter delivered an oratum before the Nobel Society after winning the Nobel Prize.
by Daniel Bryant November 08, 2007
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A clog in your toilet.
Aw, damn! I've got another blog in the toilet. Better call Plumber Joe!
by Daniel Bryant August 20, 2005
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