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The scabs that occur from mass overheating of penis from masterbation. Unlike normal scabs that occur from cuts or lacerations on the body, Mascabulae differ from these in that they are formed of Humiscupalid corpi and spermelding of the blood tissue and foliculi skin erosion.
Yeltin Korkishink a famous man from his country of Ukraine, discovered Mascabulae in the year 1767 while on a very lonely trip to Fromme, Austria. He has never been away from his dearly beloved wife for any length of time such as this; He stated in a diary page, this: "It isn't my fault my wife, tender sorrow that bequeath the kneeling of thine breast...ooh such a loving unmerciful bounty such as this...ahhh!"-Korkishink.
by d.e.m.o. November 03, 2011
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