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A mammal who ingests copious amounts of whiskey and Klonopin. May also be known to lock keys in car and/or forget where he is. Known to sleep on bathroom floors. Speech is ofter slurred and unintelligible. Can be used as an adjective.
Man I got so wasted last night, I pulled a Bonack and don't know where my car is or where I slept last night.
by crippus1 March 16, 2009

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A nonsensical reply to a question having absolutely nothing to do with a number or this made up word, usually used when drunk and on Klonopin
What time are we working tomorrow?
Answer:Will have Severum
by crippus1 March 13, 2009

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The state of mind of Bonack after drinking a fifth of Evan Williams and 4 or 5 Klonopin.
Last night I pulled a drunk,bonack.....I overslept for work today.
by crippus1 March 14, 2009

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The attempted explanation of increasing a consumers credit score based on making satisfactory payments to a lender. This is usually accompanied by a amateurish drawing of a ladder. Both customer and manager explaining this seem to either be drunk or confused.
If you make these payments on time on our ladder of credit, you will progress up the ladder and your credit will ssssshhhhooootttt(slurred) right up.
by crippus1 March 14, 2009

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Character used by Bonack to close bogues on a car deal. Bonack "calls" Jim when he has run into a brick wall and both the cookie jar and ladder of credit have failed him.
Bonack:Hey Jim the banker , thisssss Bonack. You still owe me a favor right?
Bonack:Ok, I am going to send you two deals and give you a free $250 detail package.
by crippus1 April 04, 2009

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Often said by Bonack to explain that he wants to punch someone in the face. Derives from the story of the time when Bonack punched a police horse in the face.
Bonack:Marty I wish you were a horse.

Marty: Why, so you could punch me in the face?

Bonack: Yessshhhhh
by crippus1 March 28, 2009

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