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the hole in your butt where poop and diarrhea comes out.
C'mon, let's poke the buttcrack! *POOKEEEE*
by CrazyButt May 11, 2008

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A country other than your own which is purposefully advertised as an enticing place to live in, but in reality it's just a crime-infested dump. Once you're there you realize you spent 1000 $ on a plane ticket because of misleading ads, but it's already too late-your passport has been stolen, and you end up abducted and raped and, subsequently, in some cases, even murdered. In the happiest scenario, you will have to deal with the trauma of wasting so much money on tourism agencies and airplanes.
Angela : How is Natalie? Is she back from Spain yet?
Bob : She's gone missing for two months now..
Angela : That place is such a tourist trap.
by crazybutt March 21, 2013

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