5 definitions by crawford

Childrens TV presenter much loved by Tommy Boyd.
You love timmy mallet
by crawford February 9, 2004
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For fags who think delbarton is gay but they are all boys too, so they should shut their small cockss and go to their less gifted school
by crawford January 13, 2005
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the act of pummeling an opponent with extreme force, especially in self-defense
They retaliated with unforgettable shawkenaw.
by crawford August 27, 2003
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This day only appears on the 16th of October, bust open the pre work out mix and the vodka..we having a party!
Matt: Dude I’m bored
Froy: Get the fuck up, it’s Froy day!
by crawford October 15, 2020
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A game that Pwns all.

You have not become a man until you have beaten Contra III: Alien Wars with three lives on hard.

When used properly, Contra is another word for Pwning everything, which is what you do in the game.
"Dood, we were so Contra, we pwn the world"
by crawford January 5, 2004
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