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a teenage girl who is sweet and friendly on the outside, but dark and scary on the inside
Look at her acting all nice, she's such a toka
by Conan March 27, 2003
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a female who has exceptional computer skills, like hacking and programming
Comes from the anime "Serial Experiments Lain"
by Conan March 27, 2003
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A horrible, horrible afliction of the penis.
I'm sorry sir, but you have been stricken with the lopcock.
by Conan December 28, 2004
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A type of dress consisting of khaki pants and a collared shirt (Pull-over sweater optional) with tennis shoes. The shirt MUST be tucked in and the pants must be short enough to show off 4 inches of sock.
No wonder why that dude gets so much action, he's got the D'Silva look
by Conan February 17, 2005
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a friggin good band, but also a group of cult heroes including, superman (nigel), batman (lewis), spiderman (ben), incredible hulk (dan) and catwoman (chris).
help help, wot shall we do... we should call silver stereo! yeh, not just great music, but great heroes to save the day
by Conan February 12, 2005
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eating pussy
I chewed her gash
by Conan September 07, 2003
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the act of pooping on your partners head during sex.could also be called a hot harvey if celephane is placed on body before defecation.
I gave her on hell of a steaming hot harvey
by Conan September 07, 2003
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