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My pookie... ❤
My anama is cute.
by coco July 19, 2017
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hey did u see his catera?
by coco September 25, 2004
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someone who has sex a lot
She is rolla. She has another guy everyweekend.
by coco December 3, 2003
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a girl who's been passed around between guyz like a fat ass blunt.
guy 1: "did u hit that?"
guy 2: "hell nah, she been passed like a dam pipe"
by coco April 21, 2004
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A poser girl, who can't sing, can't play guitar, who IS NOT PUNK.
She crowned herself rockchick and punk...that's is just NOT GOOD.
Avril: I'm a rockchick with an aditude.
by coco December 27, 2003
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