12 definitions by coby

To run or hurry away from something, usually a fat chick at a party.
Dawg, i just scampered away from this Betty McNasty, I can't belive I away from her huge gaping hagina!!!
by coby March 02, 2003
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To stick the dick in your females ass and let the piss go!
Yo Crawnic, last night I totally Pee'd in her butt. It was tha shit fo shizzle!
by coby February 18, 2003
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means fuckable, but not as rude as. to describe someone who looks sexy, and you only want to have a sexual relationship and nothing more i.e one night stand
by coby January 14, 2005
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Same as what Jay said, but tonite, Dingo was drunk and spat some fat beats of rymes in his own language.
NO EXAMPLE, Drive to the BZ or Brazzle Dazzle to hear some.
by coby March 02, 2003
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Brazil, Indiana. Yea it blows, but we have nothing to do but smoke, drink, and have sex. Aka - Brazzle Dazzle
I'm from the BZ but i don't live in the BZ anymore!! Sick of this shit. (YOUR MY BOY BLUE!!!!! -Old School)
by coby March 02, 2003
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When you drive around the country side drinkin and drivin because you have no where to chill and drink legaly.
All the females in brazzle dazzle go country cruzin because they are 16 but still do-able.
by coby March 01, 2003
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