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short for "with him"

also see witter
The Game - All I Need: Ima start wit 50 cuz I used to roll wittim
He neva smoked weed so how could I blow wittim
by Claus May 15, 2006
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short for "with her"

also see wittim
last night i fucked witter
by Claus May 15, 2006
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The Game - made that new song with 50 Cent. actually a hot song, but NOT beacuse of The Game. but beacuse of 50...

i dont understand a word The Game is saying.
and everybody in here, at urbandictionary.com, says that he is so hot.

naah, he's not hot... he's kind of a bad rapper
maybe The Game is so popular because 50 Cent is on his new song
by claus February 01, 2005
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