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A phrase said usually on stan Twitter when coming across something on the timeline or replies that is nasty, cringy, or just outright wrong.

Can also be said when referring to hellish irl situations that you wish you could escape.
*scrolling stan twitter on a normal day*
*sees dick pic, porn, and/or nasty imagines *
Twitter status: WTF I HATE IT HERE
by cinnabellex3 February 7, 2020
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(adj.) the energy that someone gives off when they do something out of line or without thought, but all in good laughs and no one is harmed. This energy, or vibe is usually radiated from someone who loves banter and has a fun and honest personality.

Similar to crackhead energy, minus being weird and/or obnoxious.
At a CD signing for Louis Tomlinson's debut album:
*fan approaches table with louis sitting down*
Fan: you're so fucking cute
Louis: awh thanks love
Fan: can you write something cute for me?
Louis: uhm yeah...what constitutes "cute?".... here ya go... "fuck off"
*Louis signs "Fuck OFF" on his CD, hands it back to the fan, and laughs, displaying his chaotic energy. Fan giggles and walks away*
by cinnabellex3 February 7, 2020
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A Minecraft Noob is a person who plays Minecraft for the first time. Signs of being a Noob include the following:

-Thinking a 16-bit game is shit
-Not knowing what to do when you first spawn
-Thinking Minecraft Creepers and Ghasts are cute and approaching them
-Finding lava and thinking it's diamonds
-Thinking redstone is ruby
-Spending more than a minute punching stone
-Digging sand or gravel directly above you
-Being distracted by the music playing and not realizing mobs behind you
-Building a house out of dirt, sand, or gravel
-Attempting to pet a wolf
-Entering a cave without torches
-Walking past iron ore and coal

And many more
Perfect example of a Minecraft Noob:

Noob: Hey...what's this? Whats that? What do I do? WOAH. omg. Those green things are so cute!

by cinnabellex3 February 20, 2012
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