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and ice cream cone where the cone is filled with ice cream then leveled off even with the edge of the cone.
I dont want too much ice cream. Just make me a Crocket cone.
by chrs885 August 03, 2003

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An imaginary line of people you know that do such stupid things it makes you want to slap them.
Sheila pissed me off so bad.. She needs to go in the slap line.
by chrs885 August 01, 2003

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a mole or large freckle
JohnBoy Walton has a major poopstain on his cheek
by chrs885 October 02, 2003

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Something that is so funny you have to point and laugh.
The girl told a funny joke.. The response was "Cinny in the car"
by chrs885 September 09, 2003

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