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A shitty term used by quirky girls to make fun of girls who use VSCO, wear scrunchies, want to save turtles, use hydroflasks, and say “and i oop” or sksksksk. Basically a basic bitch
Quirky girl : God, Jennifer is such a VSCO Girl!! Who even uses VSCO? *hides phone away because they’re a hypocrite*
Person : Who fucking cares
by christianratpiss October 21, 2019
An amazing YTTD character with a lot of room to grow. He deserves to live. Friendly policeman/detective, over 20. We stan.
I love my boyfriend a lot. He’s goofy, and laid back. And he reminds me a lot of Keiji Shinogi. But I prefer Keiji.
by christianratpiss October 21, 2019
Having sexual attraction to more than one gender. Typically used for liking guys and girls, but it doesn’t have to be just that! You can even like three genders! Flag is pink on top, purple in the middle, and blue on the bottom, most likely representing the mix of two colors, which are the mix of both genders!
Keiji Shinogi is bisexual because he likes multiple genders. We stan that and will support him like normal human beings.
by christianratpiss October 21, 2019
A strong YTTD character that is defensive about Kanna and Gin and plays baseball or some shit. Woow, how FUCKING BORING.
Literally every 6 year old child wishes to be like a Q-Taro.
by christianratpiss October 21, 2019