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Commonly seen in sci-fi, technobabble is a term commonly used to describe authors making up something that sounds smart, while actually being completely meaningless. It can also be used to describe a quack doing the same thing.
Spirit Science Quack: Our level of understanding directly relates to the level of reality we have control over.
Skeptic: Thats all technobabble.
by chrischi3 February 20, 2018
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Evidences is a gramatically incorrect version of evidence used by both religious apologetics when they talk about how much evidence for the existance of their respective diety there is.
Just look around you! The evidences for god are everywhere!
by chrischi3 October 14, 2017
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coined by James Downard, The term "tortugan" describes someone who holds so keen to an idea that they arent even willing to actually discuss it, protecting their mind like a tortoise (spanish: tortuga) protects itself with its shell.
Creationists are so tortugan, arguing with them is like trying to smell the color of 9.
by chrischi3 October 14, 2017
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Trickle Down Economics is a blatant strawman of supply-side economics used to demonize supporters of said system.
Those using the term assert that Republicans intend to cut taxes on the rich people, which will then, by some undefined mechanism, cause money to trickle down to the poor.
However, not one economist has ever published a theory on the mechanism behind this so called Trickle Down Theory.
This strawman mainly serves to demonize the Republicans for cutting taxes on the rich. The actual position of the Republicans, supply side economics, asserts a well known phenomenon, wherein cutting taxes on rich people will cause them to invest more money, thus opening new markets or expanding existing ones, creating jobs and generating wealth.
The origins of the term lie in a speech by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wherein it is asserted that there are two economic theories, one according to which "If we make the rich people richer, somehow they will let a part trickle down to the rest of us.
The second theory ... is that if we make the average of mankind comfortable and secure, their prosperity will rise upwards, just as yeast rises up, through the ranks."
Roosevelt, a democrat ironically enough, mocked this idea himself, however, it has somehow become a staple in politics to claim that this nonexistant theory is somehow the economic position of the Republicans.
Trickle down economics has not worked even once.
By cutting the taxes for the rich, the money they save, so they claim, will some how trickle down to the poor.
by chrischi3 September 14, 2018
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