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Humans of school attending age,as redefined by the current U.S President George W Bush...
his assertion being that "Childrens do learn"
was he just quirkily answering his own question?
"Is our children learning?
surely that would have been...
"yes they is"
"As yesterday's positive report card shows,childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured"
..to which one might respond..
"oh they does do they ,when does it and are?"
U.K members ,see under Prescottism
or Prescott...oh the irony
by chris morrell November 20, 2007
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quality that allows inveterate texters to carry on texting regardless of outside distractions including road traffic,
impending War , whilst driving,and even conversation with the person next to them...
that Tour De France winner was so nonchalant, so far out in front he texted back to the peleton just to piss them off ,he tested positive for high levels of textosterone..
by chris morrell July 16, 2007
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Plural of children,as used by an arsehole.
.."childrens do learn" Dubya Bush
by chris morrell December 15, 2007
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singular of children..
as redefined by George W Bush
..."childrens do learn"
a typical response being..
"i knows they does"
by chris morrell November 20, 2007
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see epiphanot....Scottish version,that,due to the accent sounds exactly like epiphany,and is thus very confusing...
I read that Irving Welsh book..i tell ya i had an epiphanae
i could nae make heeed nor tail of it...
by chris morrell April 16, 2007
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Term acknowledgeing the fact that Brit comedian and writer Dave Gorman identified the phenomenon of "Google whack",wrote a book about it ,and if you do a search for
"Googlewhack" the first individual identified with it will be Dave ...
Googlewhack? i never heard of it until that Gormanwhack guy pointed it out...yeah what's his name?
by chris morrell June 28, 2007
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Affectionate, while at the same time slightly mocking term for top artist Antony Gormley
Have you seen what The Gorm has done to the Hayward?
Yeah..and the Gorm has put loadsa bodies on the skyline of central London too...
I know..
Gotta love the Gorm...
by chris morrell June 28, 2007
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